They burn the car of the alleged seller of false tickets for the Bad Bunny concert |  Video

Through social networks, the recording was disseminated where a group of firefighters put out a burning red Mustang and that presumably belongs to a seller of fake Bad Bunny concert tickets.

According to information from local media, the events occurred during the early hours of this Friday, December 2. in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The first versions indicate that the fire was caused by a molotov cocktail and although no injuries were reported from the incident, the authorities began an investigation to clarify the facts.

It should be noted that last Tuesday, November 29, was the final sale of tickets for Bad Bunny concerts in Nuevo León which will take place this Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December.

It should be noted that Bad Bunny was recently recognized as the most streamed artist of 2022 in the Spotify Wrapped.

Secondly, Bad Bunny also broke a record being the most listened to artist in all the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America.

Bad Bunny received the recognition of Artist of the Year from Apple Music, the music streaming service of the apple brand.

The company recognizes the “artistic excellence of the musician and his influence on global culture in 2022.”

Apple acknowledges that many artists released significant materials this year, but they say the cbad rabbit he appropriated 2022 with the production “Un Verano Sin Ti”, the artist’s sixth project in four years.

Bad Bunny will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as 'El Muerto'

According to Apple data, it is the most streamed album on Apple Music in 2022 and now the biggest Latin album of all time.

And beyond the mind-blowing numbers, Bad Bunny truly ushered in a seismic shift in world pop in recent years.

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