AMLO accepts that his electoral reform will not be approved;  will send 'plan B' this Tuesday

“We do not have that majority that is required for constitutional reform, but Yes, we have a majority to approve the reform electoral, secondary law. And there we are going to carry out some adjustments. There are things that can only be done with constitutional reform, for example what we are proposing, which will not happen, is the reduction of the budget for the parties, it cannot be done. It is not possible that instead of 500 there are 300, we cannot.

The margins that we have, without violating the Constitution, are very narrow. But there are two important things: one that an adjustment of the budget in the INE can be carried out in the INE, not the money from the parties, to compact offices, because they have two, three, four offices, for the same thing, it is the device is very big. And the other thing that can be done is to control vote buying, the fact that vote buying is not facilitated is specified in the law, they are finishing it, today in the afternoon we are going to review it. It is the delivery of groceries, construction materials, cash, the use of the public budget…”.

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