Ecatepec: Assailants who robbed a truck fall |  Video

This Sunday a video was broadcast on social networks where several subjects are seen getting out of a black Chevrolet Suburban truck to assault a group of young women who were walking in front of a market Ecatepecin the colony September 16, State of Mexico.

One of the victims denounced before police officers who were patrolling the area that her belongings were taken from her under the threat of knife and gun.

According to the Ecatepec police, municipal security agents they chased the suspected criminals, reaching them on Octavio Paz street, in the Poesía Mexicana neighborhood, Ecatepec.

The municipal police arrested the three crew members of the truck, who were carrying a 22 caliber firearma knife and the purse with 400 pesos of the victim who made the initial complaint.

The detainees, identified as Juan Manuel “N”, Jasmine “N” and Dan Taser “N”were transferred to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, where an investigation file was initiated for the crime of robbery with violence.

Before being transferred to the Public Ministry, the suspects were beaten by neighbors from the area.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)

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