Max, possible name of the new Warner Bros. Discovery streaming platform

As we already knew, one of the main movements that will derive from the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery is also the union of the streaming platforms of each of the companies, HBO Max and Discovery+. Warner Bros. Discovery’s idea is to launch it next year, and we already have new details on what it will be like.

According to CNBCthe company executive, headed by David Zaslav, would already have a favorite name to call the new platform: Max, just Max. In addition to ending the hegemony of “Plus” in the field of streaming, it would also serve to end the “branding” mess that HBO Max entailed in countries where HBO existed as a cable channel.

When WarnerMedia decided to launch its platform as HBO Max, the brand forked in two. On the one hand, we had the HBO series, such as ‘Succession’, which sought to maintain the halo of prestige that the chain has carved out in its 50-year history. On the other, the Max Originals were born, such as ‘The Flight Attendant’, series and movies released directly on streaming, with a slightly more casual air. As both are included in the same platform, the only thing they achieved is that the HBO brand lost value, and that is something that worried the new board of directors enormously.. Zaslav, in an attempt to continue cutting costs, rushed to cancel Max Originals projects because that was not the brand he wanted to preserve. Making HBO a brand in itself again within the rest of the company’s labels (Discovery, Warner Bros., DC, Adult Swim…) would make it easier for the user.

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With the “crisis” of streaming that is taking place, in which the big ones are beginning to see how the number of subscribers is stagnating, or even reducing, companies like Warner have decided to change their strategy and reduce direct spending on streaming so that platforms can make a profit from users’ money as soon as possible. Very likely, then, there will be less content created for streaming and more content that will be exploited by each brand in its field (HBO in cable broadcast, Warner in theaters) and that will later go on to swell the platform’s catalog.

More like Disney+

Of the little that is known about Max, which must be remembered as one of the names being considered, is that they intend to launch it in the spring of next year. According to CNBC, the new platform would look very similar to Disney+, highlighting each brand with its own section. They will also take advantage of “deal with some of the shortcomings of the current platform”, without specifying what those negative points are. There is still no chosen price, but it is very likely that it represents an increase compared to the 8.99 euros per month that HBO Max currently costs in Spain. Max content, max money.

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