That was the Hell & Heaven;  there are already dates and bands for 2023

This weekend, the Toluqueño ground trembled to the rhythm of the metal festival that brought together 170 thousand heavy music lovers

The Hell and Heaven 2022 featured legendary bands like kiss— in their last concert in Mexico —, Scorpions, Judas PriestMegadeth, Bad ReligionVenom, Panther and Till Lindemann.

The festival also brought together growing bands like the Swedes Avatar and other musical genres, for example, Ska with Panteon Rococo.

Some of the explosive concerts were marred by sound equipment failure Y little bit presentation time for some of the most anticipated bands.

An example of these failures was presented with Avatara melodic death metal band whose concert at Hell and Heaven represented their second performance in Mexico.

The expected concert of the Swedes presented audio failures, even making impossible for vocalist Johannes Eckerström to be heard during “Bloody Angel“, one of his greatest successes.

Avatar’s followers also took issue with the Little time how long did the concert last and the non-prime time he was given.

The same thing happened with till lindemannwhose set list it had to be cut due to the reduced time it had.

The fans of Trivium they also had a bitter time when the sound equipment failed during the progressive metal band’s show.

The setbacks did not diminish the show

Despite these failures, the rest of the Hell and Heaven Open Air went smoothly. success. Compared to the last edition of the festival —plagued with cancellations due to the Covid-19 pandemic— this edition had a notable improvement and satisfied the hundreds of thousands who gathered at the Foro Pegaso in Toluca, State of Mexico.

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Below is a gallery with the most impressive moments of the festival.

Young and growing blood

The fire is barely going out and there are already announcements for 2023

In the early hours of this Monday, a few moments after the closing of the festival, the official account announced the dates for next year and the bands already confirmed.

The headquarters of Hell and Heaven 2023 will continue to be the Pegasus Forum, but this time it will be during the days 3,4 and 5 November.

Amon AmarthIll child, EmperorMetal Church, Vreid and incantation are some of the bands that have already been confirmed for next year.

As of today, five thousand people will be able to register to acquire early access and special price to the tickets for Hell & Heaven 2023. This, through the “Venta Legión”.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)

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