Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Becomes NBC's Highest-Rated, Most-Viewed Program of 2022

The World Cup’s Argentina-Mexico game has become the most-watched group stage match in Spanish-language history, drawing in 9 million users across television and digital viewers, according to Nielsen and Adobe Analytics.

During the 13 days and 48 Group Stage matches, Spanish-language coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has earned an averaged Total Audience Delivery (TAD) of 2.07 million viewers across Telemundo, Universo, Peacock and Telemundo streaming platforms in combined television and digital viewers — marking a 5% jump in viewership as compared to the 2018 tournament, which drew in 1.97 million total viewers.

The Nov. 26 Argentina v. Mexico game outranks eight other games by 4 million viewers in terms of combined television and digital viewers, with the Brazil v. Serbia game coming in second place by reaching 5.7 million viewers. The Saudi Arabia v. Mexico and Poland v. Argentina games tied for third place with 5.4 total million viewers, Spain v. Germany coming in fourth with 4.9 million viewers and the England v. USA coming in last place with 4.7 million viewers.

Telemundo has also won first place as the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast network for total day viewers since the start of the World Cup for 10 consecutive days, from Nov. 20 to Nov. 29 of the World Cup, earning 1.3 million average viewers and a share of 59% of three Spanish-language networks between the hours of 6 am and 2 am

During the Group Stage, Telemundo saw viewership record highs three times, including Nov. 22, which became highest-rated Tuesday in network history for total day viewers with 1.24 million viewers, Thanksgiving Day on Nov. 24, which was was the most-watched Thursday in network history with 1.58 million average viewers and Friday, Nov. 25, which became the most-watched Friday in network history with 1.27 million viewers.

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In terms of total viewership based off of a three-game Group Stage viewership average, Mexico is the most-watched team of the World Cup with 6 million viewers on average, while USA came in second place at 3.9 million viewers. Argentina followed in third place at 3.6 million viewers on average while Brazil drew in 3.6 million viewers and Spain brought in 3.3 million viewers on average.

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The Argentina v. Mexico also became the most-streamed FIFA World Cup match in US media history by drawing in an average minute audience (AMA) of 2.08 million viewers, outranking the previous record set by this year’s Mexico v. Poland game, which drew in 1.35 million viewers on average.

The Saudi Arabia v. Mexico and Poland v. Argentina games tied for second place with 1.96 million viewers on average while the England v. USA earned fifth place with 1.27 million average viewers.

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