Black Adam

The future of the Black Adam franchise has surprised everyone. Warner Bros. Discovery has revealed its plans and… what news!

Black Adam has announced a news about his future. In a since-deleted section of a recent report on the DC Comics movie, Deadline has revealed that Seven Bucks Productions, Dwayne Johnson’s production company, is developing a spin-off starring the hero Hawkman.

In Black Adam, Aldis Hodge played Hawkman, the leader of the Justice Society of America (JSA).. The report claims that the box office success of the Jaume Collet Serra-directed film, coupled with its B+ film score, is enough of a foundation to launch a franchise that will come to fruition even better once James Gunn and Peter Safran reveal their final plans for DC Studios.

Hawkman will gain more prominence in the future of the DCU

Before Black Adam hit theaters, fans and industry expected a sequel. And, given the content of the film’s post-credits scene, it seemed as if the studio (and Dwayne Johnson) were planning a movie that would pit the anti-hero against Superman.

The fans are less sure now than James Gunn and Peter Safran have been chosen to lead the new DC Studios. But since this Hawkman movie is being developed by Johnson’s own studio, the question is whether Gunn and Safran have been consulted. And if so, how will the duo work with Johnson and his vision for the Black Adam franchise?

Although that remains to be seen Hawkman is the best choice for a spin-off story. So, it seems that we will have a spin-off of Black Adam focused on his figure. There is much to tell yet, since practically nothing has been revealed to us. And there is a lot of excitement among the fans.

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