Shocks America Racial Hate Mask in Buffalo, New York and More |  Headlines of the world 05/16/2022

This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Wednesday, December 7, 2022:

Warnock victory gives Democrats 51st Senate seat

Walter prevails in the close second round of the Georgia midterm elections

The Wall Street Journal

Democrat Warnock wins tight Georgia Senate race

Sánchez opens to reform embezzlement as requested by ERC

The president proposes “technical adjustments” in the “law of only yes is yes”

The Guardian / UK

Mone lobbied to sign with a second company with secret ties to her husband

exclusive. A Conservative MP was chastised by letter for his “need for decorum”.

Historical ruling: Cristina sentenced to 6 years for corruption; she announced that she will not be a candidate for anything in 2023

He was also disqualified from holding public office.

Political forces extend dialogue until midnight in search of consensus: they approach a mixed body, but fail to close an agreement

President urged reaching an understanding

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