Kat Echazarreta, the first Mexican to go into space, will use the San Lázaro grandstand

On December 13, the first Mexican woman to go into space, Katya Echazarreta, will use the gallery of the Chamber of Deputies to send a message to Mexico and legislators.

The Chamber of Deputies approved the agreement of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), by which the engineer from Jalisco is authorized to use the platform next Tuesday.

In June of this year, Katya became the first female Mexican astronaut in traveling into space on the Blue Origin NS21 mission, aboard a New Shepard spacecraft.

Photo: Facebook Dr. Katya Echazarreta

Jucopo specified that next Tuesday Echazarreta will be given the floor for up to five minutes.

Katya worked as an electrical engineer on five NASA missions, including the Perseverance Rover and Europa Clipper. She currently also co-hosts the YouTube series “Netflix IRL” and “Electric Kat” on the CBS show “Mission Unstoppable”.

Recently, Glamor magazine awarded her the “Woman of the Year” award. Echazarreta thanked the “honor” on social networks and sent a message to the girls and women: “We are changing the world together. When I became an engineer at NASA, I quickly decided that it wasn’t enough for me to have made it if I wasn’t helping others to make it too. After going into space and having a complete perspective change, I decided I wanted to go bigger. This next year will be huge. I promise to keep going because everyone deserves the chance to follow their own dreams.”

Photo: Facebook Dr. Katya Echazarreta


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