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‘The Holiday (Vacations)’ has broken the internet in the last hours following a piece of news echoed by media such as The Sun or the Daily Mail: Said Christmas favorite would have a sequel on the way with the entire cast confirmed. Of course, those more familiar with the trajectory of certain informative websites, raised their eyebrows at what could only be considered as a rumor, but many fans interpreted the good news as confirmation that the second part was already being filmed.

Consequently, Nancy Meyers, director and screenwriter of the aforementioned essential on these dates, He was quick to deny these claims. through a post on his official Instagram account: “I am getting many messages about this, but it is not trueMeyers posted.

* “‘The Holiday’ is filming its sequel with the original cast 17 years later”, reads the now denied capture.

Despite the fact that Meyers wasted no time in trying to put a stop to the madness that had been unleashed around the possibility of seeing a continuation of the romance starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law; the hoax spread so quickly thatue had time to ask Winslet herself on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’event that Entertainment Tonight took the opportunity to get the fans out of any doubt: “Oh, ‘The Holiday’! I swear that for me it was like ‘wait, who is planning all this? Because no one has consulted me’. As far as I know, it’s not true“, he claimed. In addition, the actress found all the chaos that had been organized before the possibility hilarious.and added that he would find it funny “see iris [su personaje] and thousands [Black] together again. I just imagine how cute their children would be.

*Kate Winslet has the BEST reaction to hearing about ‘The Holiday’ sequel rumors.

A classic that does not die

‘The Holiday’ opened in 2006 making a box office of 205.8 million dollars. The interesting thing about this movie is as follows staying on home televisions year after year, Christmas after Christmas. ‘Polar Express’, ‘Love Actually’ or ‘How beautiful it is to live!’ These are some of the films that sneak into the homes of the most nostalgic of these dates every December. They will be part of this winter catalogue, ‘The Holiday 2’ not for now.

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