MC accuses PRI of breaking agreement not to vote for electoral 'plan B'

“We had agreed with the opposition not to vote until the last moment so as not to give Morena and her allies a quorum. But for some strange reason the PRI voted from the first moment. The PAN and the PRD did comply with the agreement and endured,” wrote Álvarez Maynez.

In a second message, Álvarez Maynez added: “The PRI says that there was no agreement. Look at all the blank names that were from the PAN, the PRD and the Movimiento Ciudadano. If there was no agreement not to vote, why did we all act the same except them? Fortunately, the evidence is compelling. Even if they explode in insults”.

In response, ‘Alito’ Moreno published a tweet in which he shows the votes against PAN, PRD and PRI, parties that make up the Va Por México coalition, and accused Movimiento de Ciudadano of playing dirty games against Morena and allies to divide the opposition.

Álvarez Maynez, in response, quoted journalist Julio Scherer, founder of the weekly Proceso, and told Alito: “Thank you for your tweet, Mr. Alito. As the great Julio Scherer García once wrote: I need you as a point of reference: live the life that I despise”.

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