Merlina: Lego from 'Fingers' is all the rage in networks but... is it real?

On Twitter, a preview of what could be the set of LEGO of the new series of Tim Burton.

The company of Danish origin has been characterized by selling building blocks inspired by different productions, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Friends and even The Office. For this reason, fans did not doubt that this Christmas season the company would launch something related to merlin.

merlinplayed by Jenna Ortega, is the center of the image of the possible new toy, with the characteristic of her character in the series: braids, bangs and the black uniform of the Nevermore Academy.

However, the real protagonist and who raised the comments and reactions on social networks was the figure of “Fingers”. in the pure style of LEGO, the figure of Fingers is simply a hand in the style of the figures of the famous company. That’s all.

Luckily, this image was only the creation of a user who is dedicated to imagining and drawing the possible sets of LEGO that the company can launch on the movies and productions of the moment. Although the company has not ruled on the matter, user opinions are divided between who would buy the peculiar toy and those who consider not buying it.

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