Expenditure on security grows, but homicides do not yield;  Go from manager to owner of SEP and more |  National headlines 08/16/2022

These are the outstanding news for this Wednesday, December 7, 2022 in the main newspapers with national circulation:

Morena imposes pruning at the INE

Stops opposition constitutional reform; Government launches ‘Plan B’. Officialism approves disarming the Institute; opponents accuse albazo and illegality.

Morena and her allies approve plan b; shakes the INE

The electoral amendment limits the institute politically and economically

The little boys dictate their law in drug dealing

They set the price for buying and selling marijuana in Culiacán, they say who it is distributed to and they operate front stores

Sheinbaum: yes to debate with Ebrard and Monreal

He asks the party to organize the matches and Adán Augusto remains silent; the chancellor proposes that the corcholatas resign from their posts before the survey

The INE is modified in form and content

They give fast track to Plan B of Electoral Reform. Rejected Plan A, the 4T limited the powers of the institute to sanction anticipated campaigns, removed the PREP and prohibited parties from defaming the government.

With legal changes, AMLO will ‘shrink’ INE

It proposes to reduce the specialized and regional rooms; it would mean less spending by 3 thousand 605 million pesos

Mexico ratified leadership as the first trading partner of the US in October

Commercial exchange amounted to 68,400 million dollars in the month


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