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“The epic of the lions”, “Historical!”, “Lions keep overthrowing the great ones” and “When Spain is defeated, Morocco is among the world elite” are examples of the Moroccan press headlines this Wednesday after the qualification of Morocco to the Quarterfinals of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

the rotary Assabah claims on its cover that the selection of the Maghrebi country continues to beat the favorite teams and “(coach Walid) Regragui’s men topple Spain, reach the quarterfinals and they enter history through the front door.”

It’s about the first time in history that Morocco qualifies for the Quarterfinals in a World Cup and the It is also the first time that an Arab country has done it.

The official newspaper To the Sahara ensures that public support, the fighting spirit of the players and the intelligence of the coach are the factors that gave victory to Morocco.

The newspaper al alamwho belongs to the nationalist party al istiqlaltitled: “Raise your head, you are Moroccan”, and assures that the Lions reach the quarterfinals after “taming the Spanish”.

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For its part, the French-speaking daily le matin notes that “After Spain has been defeated, Morocco is among the world elite”, and praises the performance of the goalkeeper of the Moroccan team, Yasin Bono, in the penalty shootout.

“The Moroccan team, for the first time in the quarterfinals. The Atlas lions write a glorious football history”that’s the title of the newspaper Al Yaum al Maghrebi, which belongs to the official Moroccan press agency MAP.

the rotary The Economist He describes in his editorial that yesterday’s victory for Morocco is “historic”. “History is being written before our eyes. She is the one who has stirred an entire town, the one who has given it the adrenaline ”.

“The epic of the Lions, the dream continues.” That’s how the newspaper titled Al Ahdaz al Maghrebia, which adds that with this victory “The national team is among the eight big ones in the World Cup in Qatar.

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