Senate approves reform that includes same-sex marriages in IMSS and ISSSTE

The Mexican Senate unanimously approved this Tuesday a minute that seeks to ensure access and enjoyment of social protection, services and benefits to spouses and concubines of the same sex.

This is for those who are insured at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), the two largest social security institutions in Mexico.

In a statement, the Senate said that the draft decree, which reforms various provisions of the laws of the IMSS and ISSSTE was approved by the Assembly with 91 votes in favorfor which it was remitted to the federal Executive.

The senators stressed that the wording of these regulations “is restrictive, since it excludes as beneficiaries of social security those spouses or cohabitants of the same sex”.

In addition, they pointed out, “it discriminates against the LGBTTTIQ community”, so with the changes it is proposed to introduce, in both laws, a generic term such as “spouse”, to “End the discrimination that same-sex marriages are subjected to”in the exercise of their right to social protection.

In the text, the president of the Legislative Studies Commission, Manuel Añorve, recalled that currently, in said laws, “excludes as beneficiaries those spouses of the same sex, but the rights of Mexicans should not be subject to any type of prejudice or discrimination.”

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On the contrary, he said, “all people, regardless of their ideas or preferences, have guaranteed their equality before the lawTherefore, this ruling “proposes introducing the generic term of spouse to include both genders, and also seeks to grant workers the right to transmit a widow’s pension in the event of their death.”

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The project adds the definition of civil union, to guarantee the rights, services, benefits to the spouses, especially those of the same sex, to those who establish a common home, with the will to permanence and mutual aid.

Also, removes sexist language from IMSS and ISSSTE laws, so there will no longer be any reason to postpone the path towards inclusive language and the recognition of gender equality.

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