firefly lane ending explained

    ‘Dance with the Fireflies’ has re-landed among Netflix series this week, taking us back to Kate and Tully’s tumultuous friendship. The series follows the two women through several decades, and the season one finale of “Dance with the Fireflies” left things on a frustrating cliffhanger over Kate and Tully’s fight and a mysterious accident.

    As for the second season, even more amazing plots have been developed in the first part (nine episodes), from the reason behind the couple’s argument to heartbreaking news for Kate. There is still more to come in the second part of the season (which will consist of seven episodes and will arrive between the 2023 Netflix series). For now though, let’s recap how the first installment of the second season left things.


    ‘The dance of the fireflies’, season 2, part 1: ending explained

    Why do Kate and Tully fight?

    First, we flash to Thanksgiving 2004, when Kate tragically finds her father dead on the couch. As shown at the end of the first season, Kate forbids Tully from attending the funeral after their fight, though viewers don’t know what exactly happened..

    However, in season two episode seven, we finally find out the reason behind the argument: Tully had been babysitting Kate’s teenage daughter Marah, who was supposed to be grounded. Ignoring Kate’s instructions, Tully let Marah date Ashley, who ended up taking her to a college party. Marah calls Tully for help after a boy she kissed tries to take things too far from her, prompting Tully to drive to pick her up despite having a few glasses of wine.

    On the way home, another car crashes into Tully’s, leaving her and Marah in the hospital, though thankfully neither is seriously injured.. Although the accident wasn’t really Tully’s fault, Kate is, of course, upset that Tully let Marah out and took the car after drinking alcohol, which led to the big fight between the friendly couple.

    firefly lane ending explained


    How do things end between Kate and Tully?

    The series then takes us to 2005 when Kate and Tully haven’t seen each other for a year, and with Johnny and Kate now about to get married again.

    Kate and Tully finally see each other again after a year of not being friends, and they both seem to miss each other a lot.. At Christmas, Johnny finally proposes to Kate and asks her to marry him again. Kate says that she is and is anxious to share the news with Tully, something that makes her realize how much she missed her.

    Later, the series ends with one of the biggest plot twists in the second season so far: Kate’s breast cancer diagnosis.. After checking her breasts and finding a rash, Kate tragically discovers that she has advanced breast cancer and needs to start treatment immediately. The news leads Kate to find her friend and she goes to visit her. However, Tully has just left on a trip to Antarctica to shoot a documentary, which means the couple, frustratingly, never meet again.

    firefly lane season 2 part one ending explained

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    The season 2 part 1 finale ends with Kate crying on Tully’s doorstep.leaving us with another cliffhanger one more time. We hope that the two friends finally reconcile in the second installment.

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