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The audience of ‘The Witcher’ is not taking too well the tremendous change that the series is going to go through after its third season. In fact, according to various media, including Comic Book; fans have driven a collection of signatures to protest the departure of Henry Cavilla request that for the moment has been seconded by more than 277 thousand people.

Thus, the rain of criticism and a third season yet to be released has made some of the creators and team members come out in defense of the series.

Lauren Hissrich, showrunner of the series, has decided to speak out in an interview for TechRadarin which has revealed the details of the big problem posed by the departure of the protagonist:”there are many fans commenting, many rumors… and we really understand that the fans have reacted like this. What I will say is that please come back for the third season of ‘The Witcher’, so that we can continue. Obviously [la marcha de Cavill] It’s something very big”.

In the third installment, which will arrive next summer on Netflix, the audience will see Cavill for the last time as Geralt de Rivia, and after this the future of the series will be in question, depending on whether his followers dare to continue with a face. completely new: that of Liam Hemsworth. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Matt D’Ambrosio and Troy Dangerfield, writers of ‘The Witcher’ also defended the series and the changes it brings on their Twitter profiles. Nevertheless, they ended up getting into a tough argument with the former producer of the series, Beau DeMayo. The dispute brought up one of the biggest problems the series is going through, the lack of verisimilitude between the books and video games with the adaptation. Beau DeMayo would have abandoned this Netflix fantasy due to the lack of fidelity and respect of the creatives of ‘The Witcher’. But while the former producer went so far as to affirm that the writers of the series acted in bad faith and made fun of the work of Andrzej SapkowskiHis colleagues think something very different.

* “It’s great and hilarious [apreciese el tono sarcástico] try to talk about how much you love your job and get responses like these [comentarios negativos sobre los guiones de la serie] because some jerk you used to work with made up a bunch of lies to cover up how he got fired for being a jerk, and now that’s the narrative. It’s really hard to see all the hard work end up tainted by a shitty narrative. I played the games before I read the books, and then I got the chance of a lifetime to work on the kind of show I always wanted to be on. And guess what? It’s still a dream job!”.

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Good vibes between Geralts

Leaving aside all the maelstrom surrounding Henry Cavill’s departure for the fourth season of ‘The Witcher’, the actor wanted show your support to the recent incorporation, a Liam Hemsworth who has it difficult to conquer the fans: “The fantastic Liam Hemsworth will take over as the White Wolf. As with the greatest literary characters, I reverently pass the torch for my time as Geralt, and excited to see Liam’s take on this fascinating and nuanced man. Liam, this character has wonderful depth – enjoy diving in and seeing what you can find”.

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