They shout "traitor" at Ricardo Monreal during an event in Hidalgo

The national leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, said that the Morenista senator, Ricardo Monreal, has the “doors open” to a candidacy.

“We are convinced that are summation timesof unity, of all

those who are willing to face this authoritarian onslaught on the part of the government of the Republic”, Zambrano declared this Tuesday at a press conference.

The PRD leader stated that, recently, Monreal has been “rudely attacked” both by militants from Brunette in an event held on Monday in Pachuca Hidalgo, “as well as from National Palace”.

For this reason, he considered that the Zacatecan must make a decision about his political future in the following days.

For a while now, Senator Monreal’s role has not been there, but here, on the side of those of us who are willing to confront this authoritarianism, and that, of course, the possibility is open that he will make a decision in the next few days.

Zambrano clarified that, if he joins the opposition, Monreal will not be automatically named as a candidate, since the electoral coalition to which the PRD belongs, Va por México, will have to evaluate what “role he can play.”

“The doors are open, in any case, and I understand that this is what the other leaders of the other coalition parties have stated, with the exception of MC, which yesterday resolved that it is not going in an alliance, but in any case, if he decides to walk here would be a letter that, as Cházaro said there in Madrid, last week: we would be willing to put him on the table to be considered as one of the possible coalition candidatesZambrano explained.

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Last Sunday, Monreal assured that he would appear on the ballots of candidates for the Presidency of the Republic in 2024 and he hopes it’s because of Morena.

“I have said that I am going to be on the presidential ballot, that is the natural aspiration, which is not a vulgar ambition. We are in reflection. Our limits, as I said to be on the ballot and continue in Morena, is dignity, political treatment, political courtesy and a level floor, which until now has not existed, ”she indicated.

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