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    The Serie ‘The last’, starring Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau It has already positioned itself as one of the most watched projects on Disney+. The message that this fiction tries to convey is that dreams are only achieved through effort and that when there is love, everything is possible no matter how many stones there are in the way. Aitana and Miguel have not only shown their chemistry as a couple in real life, but also as co-stars playing Candela and Diego. Ella, a young woman who works in a logistics company whose greatest ambition is to dedicate herself to music; and he, a boxer who fights in clandestine fights with the aim of one day being a legal champion of Spain.

    *Warning, spoilers*

    candle and diego They knew each other from school – the place where the aspiring singer was bullied – but after years without seeing each other, they meet at the bar where she usually goes to sing. That same night, Candela is signed by the best music producer in the country and begins to maintain something more than a friendship with Diego, but the director of the record company, Fede, who falls in love with her almost immediately, warns her that she cannot have boyfriend if you really want to get your career off the ground. Candela ignores her indication and continues seeing Diego. The boxer, for his part, does not lead a simple life, since he has family problems and, in addition, illegal fights are bringing him a lot of trouble, but he still has a halo of hope: Candela.

    The singer’s producer manages to confront Diego and Candela by calling him a thief and they spend a while without knowing anything about each other. In that time, the artist has become a national star and she is about to give her first big concert; and the athlete, after a lot of effort, will get into the ring to fight against the current champion of Spain. But their personal lives are no longer what they used to be: Candela is dating her producer and Diego has a new partner. Even so, and after a lot of pain, both give each other tickets to see themselves achieve their goals.

    But in the last episode of the season, Things go wrong for Diego, and even though he manages to win, he does so by betraying his boxing godfather, Madison, for which he threatens to hurt Candela. Madison and her henchmen sneak into Candela’s concert, but Diego manages to save her. It seems that everything ends well, right? But no, Candela realizes that Fede cheated on her and wants to stop working with him – in addition to abandoning her relationship. Diego’s girlfriend leaves him when he realizes that his heart does not correspond to him and the first installment of ‘La última’ ends with the story of Candela and Diego without resolving, that’s why we are sure that the announcement of season 2 is almost imminent.

    Federico Calvo Gutierrez

    Release date of season 2 of ‘La última’

    The season is not yet officially confirmed, but iWe anticipate that installment 2 will begin shooting in 2023 and at the end of that year and even the following, is when we will see the light of the new episodes.

    Cast of season 2 of ‘La última’

    The two characters that lead the series, Candela (Aitana) and Diego (Miguel), it is more than evident that they will return to our screens, as well as Madison and Fede, with whom they still have pending accounts to resolve. In addition, it is more than likely that other actors who have not yet participated will join the cast of ‘La última 2’.

    Plot of season 2 of ‘La última’

    The fans are eager to know what happens with Candela and Diego, so the plot of the series will treat their love story as the main axis. In addition, she will have to look for another record company to get rid of Fede and him, Madison’s men will not leave him alone so easily.

    Images and trailer of season 2 of ‘La última’

    Still, with the first season recently released, it is too soon to have this content, but something tells us that there will be information about it very soon.

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