Veracruz: Pilgrim child died after sticking his head out on a bus and colliding with a pole

A Pilgrim boy died when he stuck his head out of a window and crashed into a post in the port of Veracruz.

The infant He was traveling together with his relatives in a passenger bus, to celebrate the Virgin from Guadalupe.

The accident occurred in the streets of the Infonavit Buenavista neighborhood, where the under 5 years I was traveling.

According to witnesses to the event, the minor died instantly because his head smashed into the concrete post while the truck driver fled from the area leaving the unit.

The boy’s corpse was left in the back seats of the truck and despite the fact that Red Cross paramedics tried to help him, the minor was already dead when they arrived.

According to the first reports from C5, Yesenia Flores, 28, the minor’s aunt, recounted: “that she was with her nephew on board the transport with the legend Infonavit Buenavista, economic number 2617, celebrating the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, when this He made a sudden movement, and the child fell into his arms, covered in blood, since apparently the child had stuck his head out of the window, hitting a concrete post, causing his death.”

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