Cuba prepares first shipment of stone for Mayan Train

Andrés Díaz Guerrero, head of the operations group at the Central Port Services Company, in Cuba, assured that at least 20,000 tons of rajón stone are available to be sent to Mexico for the construction of the Mayan Train tracks.

Based on that statement, the Cuban News Agency reported that the first shipment is already available in the open-air warehouses, in zone 2 in Obourke, to be transported to Yucatan.

The shipping plans prefer that during the first month 90,000 tons will be mobilized, which will gradually increase until the shipment of 200,000 tons per month is sustained, said Díaz Guerrero.

The rajón stone will be extracted from the Arriete quarry, in the municipality of Palmira, and will be transported by rail to the Puerto Cienfuegos yard.

Meanwhile, the director of operations of the Engineering Works Construction Company (ECOING 12), Fidel Viña Cepero, informed the local media that brigades of that entity executed 5 works objects to facilitate the transfer of material to the southern docks.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on November 4 the importation of materials for the Mayan Train.

This was confirmed in the morning conference:

-President López Obrador: I am going to comment something so that our adversaries question us… It is very likely that for this section we will bring ballast, which is here.

-Journalist: It can be cheaper even, by sea transport it is cheaper.

-President López Obrador: By sea transport.

-Journalist: Which port would it enter?

-President López Obrador: That is the problem we have.

-President López Obrador: No, because Calica is closed. That would be ideal, it has depth, but there are no good relationships.

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It can be Progress. There is a possibility that is being explored in Puerto Morelos; it doesn’t have enough depth.

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