Discussion of the electoral plan B in the Senate is passed to Wednesday;  go to court, says AMLO to the opposition

The electoral reform plan B, Promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador y Morena, it will be discussed on Wednesday and not this day in the Senate of the Republic.

This was confirmed by Senator Ricardo Monreal, who indicated that today only the first reading opinion will be presented and it would be tomorrow when they will discuss and vote on it, of which he did not want to make a forecast.

The morenista recognized that the opinion endorsed fast track by deputies has “constitutionality problems“So adjustments have been made. Until Monday, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, accepted that six of 21 blocks of all the reforms be corrected.

Plan B “is practically a new electoral system”, The senator detailed this Tuesday in a press conference from the Senate.

Not having granted a vote fast track it had “results,” said Monreal, because “the content of the six laws was made visible.”

“All the legislators had access to know the opinion since Thursday, we had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and now to read it,” he noted.

“Tomorrow it will be an intense debate, I don’t know what the inclination of the majority will be,” he acknowledged.

In the Upper House, Morena and her allies have a simple majority, Well, they have 75 senators out of 127 (there is a vacancy for the Tamaulipas senatorship), adding the 60 from Morena, 6 from the PVEM, 5 from the PT and 4 from the PES.

The leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, warned: “Morena insists with her plan B, with traps and violating the Constitution, just to comply with the authoritarian whim of López Obrador. We remain firm, we will not allow revenge or destroy our democracy. #ElINENoseToca”.

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In this regard, this morning President Andrés Manuel López Obrador invited the opposition to go to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

“They have every right to go to court in the event that it is approved in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies., a controversy can be requested with the allegation that it is unconstitutional and it is the ministers of the Court who are going to resolve, the truth is that it is pure politicking, because since there is no constitutional reform, the electoral law cannot go against what the Constitution establishes is the law of laws, so the law that we sent on electoral reform has all these limitations, it is not possible, which was the most important thing, to reduce the number of legislators, from 500 to 300; You cannot remove the multi-member representatives and that all the representatives be authentic representatives of the people, that the people elect them, not that they go on a list because they are people close to the party leaders, that cannot be done, it has already remained that way.

“Also the decrease in the budget, since there was no constitutional reform, does not touch the parties, which will continue to receive a lot of money,” he added.


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