Instagram has introduced new features, including ‘Sincere Stories’, which is based on the BeReal app, ‘Notes’ that allows you to add a text status update, and ‘Group Profiles’, with which multiple users can create shared profiles with multiple collaborators.

The social network has stated that these are new test updates, which are focused on helping users “feel closer to the people they care about” and connecting with friends as “a central part of the Instagram experience.” as stated in the official blog.

In this sense, the platform led by Adam Mosseri has included ‘Sincere Stories’, a new type of ‘story’ that is only visible to those profiles that also share theirs and that seeks to capture what is being done at that moment.

This novelty introduces a daily notification reminder that will indicate the moment in which this ‘honest story’ should be made, taking a photograph of the moment.

These candid stories will be placed at the top of the feed and only one can be posted per day. Additionally, you are given the option to turn off the daily notification from your settings and instead make a ‘candid story’ directly from the Stories Chamber or from a multi-author story.

It is a model similar to that of BeReal, the app that was launched in 2019 and that has become very popular among users in the last year. In fact, Instagram joins other social networks such as Snapchat and TikTok, which have also implemented a daily alert to share content. Meta is also testing a similar feature in Facebook Stories.

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Separately, Instagram is also testing a ‘Notes’ feature as “a new way to share thoughts and learn from friends”. It is based on short posts of up to 60 characters in which only text and emojis can be included. It will be a format similar to that of a ‘tweet’, although presented in a different way.

To publish a note, it is accessed from the top of the inbox, from where you have to select the followers or the people on the list of best friends. Once you’ve selected who you want to post to and have written your note, it will appear at the top of your inbox for 24 hours. Also, users will be able to reply to notes in direct message format.

Another new feature is ‘Group Profiles’, a new type of profile for sharing posts and stories. In these group profiles, different users will be able to create content for a unique profile, which will be shared with group members instead of their followers, and published on the group profile instead of their own.

In addition, Instagram has also started testing ‘collaborative collections’, with which users will be able to save posts in a joint collection that will be created in their group or direct message chat. These posts will be saved from the feed or by sharing it with a friend in direct message and saving from there.

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