Trump announces collectible trading cards of himself

Former President of the United States, donald trump, advance his followers a “big announcement”.

On the Truth social network, which the former president himself created after being banned from Twitter and Facebook, the politician published a video last Wednesday with which he caused a lot of intrigue.

“AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! Tomorrow I will make an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Thank you!” Trump declared on Truth.

Screenshot Twitter @patriottakes

While many expected him to announce something related to the presidential elections of 2024, for which he has previously stated that he will seek to be a candidate, instead he announced a line of trading cards of himself.

“BIG ANNOUNCEMENT,” he said. My official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here. These limited edition cards, they show incredible works of art from my life and my career. Collect all your favorite Trump digital cards, much like baseball cards, but hopefully much more exciting,” he wrote this morning.

Photo Twitter @AlertaNews24

The publication directs you to a web page where people who wish to do so can buy digital cards. Among the options are designs of the former president himself dressed as an astronaut, cowboy and even SuperMan.

Each card is priced at $99.. That is, each digital card costs more than 2000 mexican pesos. However, the site offers that those who purchase the 45 digital designs, which would cost $4,455 (87,946 Mexican pesos approximately) Before taxes or fees, they are “guaranteed a ticket to attend a gala and dinner with Trump in South Florida.”


Thats not all. With every digital collectible someone buys, fans will be entered into the “Trump Sweepstakes,” where they can win “amazing prizes,” including the chance to spend time with the former President of the United States.

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Among the raffle prizes is a Zoom group meeting with Trump, a cocktail party at Mar-A-lago, his Miami home that was recently raided by the FBI and where they found 11 thousand documents and photographs of his government, as well as 48 empty folders labeled as “classified”and the only opportunity to play golf with the former president.


“Buy one and you will become part of a very exclusive community,” Trump says in the page’s welcome video. “It’s my community and I think it’s something you’re going to like a lot.”

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