Shooting at the Temple of the Child in Zacatecas leaves one dead |  Video

This Thursday afternoon was recorded a shooting in the atrium of the Temple of the Child located in the capital of Zacatecas and which left a dead as balance.

According to the first reports, it was a group of armed men who fired their firearms in the middle of the passers-by.

The alleged perpetrators of the shooting escaped the scene and they hid among trading posts that were around.

The State Attorney General’s Office and the Investigation Police arrived at the scene of the shooting to collect evidence, as well as to lift the body of the man who was not identified.

At the beginning of this month in the municipality of Jerez there were two confrontations; one between armed groups of organized crime and another between alleged hit men against federal forces.

Citizen reports indicated that the acts of violence began to register around 10 pm in various communities of the city council of Jerez, a municipality that has been the object of at least five confrontations and multiple executions during November of this year.

The Sun of Zacatecas reported that a vhouse was shot in the Popular Front neighborhood and that a 21-year-old person was injured by firearm projectiles on the Suave Patria road.

Also, some users on social networks reported detonations in the San Francisco, Los Sauces, Fraccionamiento Los Molinos neighborhoods, among other points in the municipality of Jerez.

While last December 2, at least two police officers died and another was injured after a armed group ambushes the elements and attacked them in Valparaíso.

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The attack occurred when the uniformed men were circulating through the community of La Sierrita and/or La Mesita, as confirmed by the spokesperson for the Peace Building Table.

Through a statement it was announced that the police were moving from the municipal seat to the community of Saint Anthony of paduaHowever, on the way they were ambushed by the armed group.

State security authorities indicated that a woman and one of the men died at the scene of the attackwhile the injured agent was taken to a hospital.

After the aggression, a deployment of the security forces was carried out, who are carrying out investigative tasks in search of the attackers.

So far this year, at least 51 elements have been assassinated in Zacatecas, belonging to different municipal and state corporations, as well as members of the National Guard and a military

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