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    Netflix movies will once again have a Spanish flavor in 2023 with the most anticipated Spanish movies. Yes, another year, Netflix has given us great series, but also great titles throughout 2022. For example, there are the best Netflix movies of 2022, with titles like ‘Blonde’, ‘El prodigio’ or ‘No news in The front’. And as far as national product is concerned, too. We have had the best Spanish films of 2022: works such as ‘The Crystal Girls’, ‘Mother’s Love’ or ‘Rainbow’ have given us hours and hours of the most disparate entertainment. 2023 will not be left behind.

    In the year that is about to begin, we will once again have great fictions, like some that are among the Spanish series not to be missed in 2023. In addition to important appointments such as the long-awaited ‘Berlin’, the spin-off of ‘La casa de papel’, or the installments of some of his greatest hits, such as the seventh season of ‘Elite’, the second of ‘Welcome to Edén ‘ or the third of ‘Valeria’, We will also have new feature films: thrillers, dramas, romantic comedies, movies for all tastes..

    Dani Rovira will get into the role of a psychologist in a story about the world of football in ‘The Champion’. The film is directed by Carlos Therón, who also has yet to premiere on the platform ‘Fenómenas’, a comedy with Belén Rueda at the head of the cast. After the success of her first film, ‘Cinco lobitos’, Alauda Ruiz de Azúa entered the genre of romantic comedies. Álvaro Cervantes repeats in the genre after premiering in 2021 ‘Loco por ella’, another Netflix production. He will now be a boy with the gift of seeing the future of his relationships with just a kiss in ‘It’s you’.

    Terror will also have space on the platform (or have you not seen the best horror movies on Netflix?) by Paco Plaza. ‘Sister death’ is the story that the director of ‘La abuela’ or ‘Verónica’ will premiere in 2023, starring Aria Bedmar and Almudena Amor. And also, Juan Antonio Bayona reviewing with a great story that has captivated different generations. The story of the Chilean rugby team that in 1972 got stuck in the Andes after suffering a plane crash. Without a doubt, all these plots will be among the Spanish films that will arrive in 2023.

    Adriana Ugarte, Anna Castillo, Belén Rueda, Dani Rovira, Luis Zahera and many other leading names in the Spanish industry will embody characters in these new proposals brought to us by the streaming giant. Let’s review below the various Spanish films that will come from Netflix. Do you want to see them? Which one are you going to opt for first?

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Big Bad Wolf (Gustavo Hernandez)

‘Big Bad Wolf’ will be one of the first productions produced by Netflix that we will see in 2023. Javier Gutiérrez and Adriana Ugarte star in this thriller. A policeman on the edge of the law and a woman seeking revenge cross paths obsessed with discovering the murderer behind the brutal crimes of several girls. Luna Fulgencio, Rubén Ochandiano, Juana Acosta, Antonio Dechent, Manuel Vega and Fernando Tejero among others star in the film.

Premiere: January 27

Blindly (David and Àlex Pastor)

Mario Casas stars in this story, a spin-off of Bird Box’. Therefore, part of the plot that Sandra Bullock starred in 2018. The Pastor brothers (‘Home’, ‘The Last Days’) are in charge of this story whose context we know: a mysterious force has decimated the world population, pushing them to take their own lives everyone who looks at her, so the survivors have to wear blindfolds to protect themselves. Now, Sebastián and his daughter Anna must embark on their own path to survival through the deserted streets of Barcelona.. As they forge fragile alliances with other survivors and seek refuge, a threat more sinister than invisible beings grows. Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, Alejandra Howard, Naila Schuberth, Patrick Criado, Celia Freijeiro, Lola Dueñas, Gonzalo de Castro, Michelle Jenner and Leonardo Sbaraglia they are in the cast.

The Snow Society (Juan Antonio Bayona)

Bayona directs the film based on the book by Pablo Vierci, which covers the accident that occurred in the Andes in 1972, when a Chilean rugby team was trapped in the middle of the mountains and were forced to take extreme measures.

The Champion (Carlos Theron)

Carlos Therón will have Marcel Serrano Y Daniel Rovira as protagonists of his new work set in the world of football. Diego has just been chosen as the best young European player and at the age of 20 he is on his way to turning his team, Atlético de Madrid, into league champions. But his impulsive and conflictive character makes the Club, fed up with his excesses, hire Álex, a withdrawn and lonely psychology professor, to improve his behavior. Both one and the other will have no choice but to learn to understand each other.

Luis Zahera will be the protagonist of this new thriller in which two detectives arrive in a small mining town in the Asturian mountains to investigate a strange case: a young woman who had been presumed dead for months has turned up. Are there dark forces involved? Perhaps we can soon count it among the best thrillers in Spanish cinema. Written and directed by Patxi Amezcuaalso has Isak Ferriz and Iria del Rio.

Sister death (Paco Plaza)

In post-war Spain, a young novice with supernatural powers arrives at an old convent, now a school for girls, to become a teacher. Soon there will be strange events and the increasingly disturbing situations that torment her will end up leading her to unravel the terrible skein of secrets that surround the convent and haunt its inhabitants. Aria Bedmar, Almudena Amor, Maru Valdivielso, Luisa Merelas are some of the names that make up the cast.

The story takes us to the near future where we meet Nada, a pregnant girl who escapes from a nation at war, hiding inside a container on a freighter. Halfway through the voyage, a wild storm knocks the container out to sea. Inside that metal block, Nada gives birth to her daughter. She now, weakened by childbirth, adrift, without food, she must fight to survive and save the little girl.

It’s you (Alauda Ruiz de Azúa)

The director of ‘Cinco lobitos’ is in charge of directing this romantic comedy written by Cristobal Garrido and Adolfo Valor (‘Kings of the night’, ‘Mother’s love’ or ‘I leave it whenever I want’).

Álvaro Cervantes is in charge of giving life to the protagonist. Javi is a 16-year-old boy who, when he kissed a girl for the first time, discovered that he had the gift of clairvoyance: with just one kiss he is able to see the future of that relationship before living it, which has led him to to being an adult who has never had a lasting relationship, as he always breaks them off before things start to go wrong. But everything changes when one night out, he kisses Lucía, with whom he sees himself married with children. The problem is that this girl is the girlfriend of his best friend. Silvia Alonso, Gorka Otxoa, Pilar Castro and Susana Abaitua They are also in the cast.

Phenomena (Carlos Theron)

This comedy starring Belén Rueda, Gracia Olayo and Toni Acosta and Emilio Gutiérrez Caba They will be a research team specialized in paranormal phenomena: the Hepta group. At a time when they are not going through their best moment, they agree to investigate an antique shop where strange things happen. The case will become the most difficult of their lives.

Across the sea (Marçal Forés)

In 2023 the sequel to the successful ‘Through my window’ will arrive, the story that started from the novel by Ariana Godoy. Clara Galle and Julio Peña will reprise their roles as Raquel and Ares.

The Criminal Readers Club

The first slasher Spanish Netflix is ​​just around the corner. Directed by Carlos Alonso Ojea and with a script by the writer Carlos García Miranda based on his own novel, ‘The Criminal Readers’ Club’ promises strong emotions in the field of adolescent terror. Filming has started and at the moment there is no release date. Produced by Brutal Media, the film stars young talents Veki Velilla, Álvaro Mel, Priscilla Delgado, Iván Pellicer, Ane Rot, Carlos Alcaide, Hamza Zaidi, María Cerezuela (winner of the Best New Actress award at the Goyas 2022) and has the participation of Daniel Grao. The story follows eight young college students who meet every week for a book club to share their passion for horror literature. After being accomplices in a fateful accident and signing a pact of silence, the group of young people will be threatened by an anonymous writer who wants to reveal their dark secret in a very original way: by publishing a bloody horror novel based on them on social networks. . But what if fiction begins to creep into reality?Release date: to be determined

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