The death toll rises to 23 during protests in Peru

The total balance of deaths after protests that erupted in Peru after the impeachment and arrest of the former president Pedro Castillo, rose to 23 this Saturday.

The Lima Province Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) announced the death of a person due to clashes at the Ayacucho airport between protesters and the Peruvian Armed Forces.

“It is reported that, despite all the efforts of the health personnel and doctors of the Ayacucho Regional Hospital, one of the injured died in the early hours of today,” the Diresa said in a statement.

In this way, the total balance of deaths in Peru increased to 23, of which 14 have occurred after the declaration of emergency decreed by the government of Peru last Thursday.

The latest deaths take place in the midst of the strong protests that are taking place in Peru after the impeachment and arrest of former President Castillo on December 7.

The protesters ask President Dina Boluarte for the dissolution of Congress and the convening of new general elections.

The Peruvian government declared a state of emergency at the national level for a period of 30 days as a response measure to the demonstrations of support for Castillo.

Likewise, the Executive declared an emergency in the National Road Network, allowing the Army to take to the streets.

Boluarte also demanded that Congress approve the Executive’s proposal to advance the general elections and emphasized that he will not resign from office.

“These are not peaceful marches, they are not social demands,” he said before adding that the Armed Forces “have taken to the streets” “to be able to care” for citizens and public and private property.

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This Saturday no major incidents were reported in the country, although in Ayacucho there were peaceful demonstrations as part of the funerals of the people who died in that Peruvian region. (Europa Press and EFE)

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