They will repatriate 12 Mexicans stranded in Peru due to protests

A total of 12 tourists from Veracruz will be evacuated in the next 48 hours of Peruwhere they were stranded by social protests and political conflicts after the removal of the now former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo.

The director of Attention to Migrants of the Government of Veracruz, Carlos Escalante, informed EFE what the tourists did not manage to leave the Peruvian territory due to road closures and airport seizures in the Andean nation.

The official explained that, together with the Embassy of Mexico in Peru, The evacuation of the people of Veracruz will be carried out from this Saturday until tomorrow Sunday.

“The 12 who are on vacation are going back, I think that between today and tomorrow they will be back and it will be until now because roads were blocked and airports closed“, he expressed.

He explained that there are another 43 people from Veracruz who permanently reside in Peruof which there are no details if they will seek to leave the country.

These are, he said, professionals, businessmen, missionaries and domestic workers who They reside in different cities of the Latin American country.

“This number is not exact because by living there during these seasons they return to Mexico and perhaps they left before the riots, we will have to wait for a report from the Embassy,” he clarified.

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured last Friday that his government is working to repatriate Mexicans who are stranded in Peru, where the political crisis It has provoked demonstrations and violent riots that add up to 17 deaths.

The now former president of Peru Pedro Castillo was arrested on December 7 after being dismissed by Congress shortly after announcing the closure of the Peruvian Parliament, the formation of an emergency executive, in which he would govern by decree, which was mostly interpreted as an attempted coup.

Since last December 13, protest demonstrations have broken out against President Dina Boluarte.

Even the Peruvian government declared the road network in emergency and the Armed Forces would protect strategic points in the country, such as airports or hydroelectric plants, in response to violent anti-government demonstrations. (EFE)

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