Man arrested for torturing girl in shelter

The Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office confirmed the arrest of Roberto F., allegedly involved in the crime of child abuse committed against an 11-year-old girl who was sprayed with alcohol and electric shocks at the Casa de Vida Camino a la Fortaleza de Tonalá hostel , Jalisco.

The event occurred last July, at the site located on San Javier street, in the San Isabel neighborhood, in the municipality of Tonalá, where the girl was admitted to apparently receive psychiatric treatment since June 30.

However, since her hospitalization, the minor was assaulted and violated by those in charge, including Roberto F., who is indicated as the owner of the shelter.

From the investigations it is clear that the greatest mistreatment of the minor was when they poured alcohol on certain parts of her body, then applied an electric current, which caused her clothes to catch fire, causing burns on 20% of her body.

The girl was diagnosed with epilepsy and before the event she had an anxiety attack, for which she was punished by the staff, without giving her proper treatment.

It was the Investigative Police that located and captured Roberto F. -49 years old- on Calle Reyna de España between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in the Privada de la Reyna neighborhood, in the municipality of Tonalá.

He was placed at the disposal of the Second Court of Control, Prosecution, Comprehensive Justice for Adolescents, attached to the Criminal Justice Center of the First Judicial District to determine his legal situation.

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