New SSC operation against 'montadeudas';  4 detainees

A new operation against the so-called “debt-riding” applications threw a balance of four people arrested, where they are of Chinese nationality, for the crimes of extortion and fraud, reported the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

The “debt mount” applications associated with both crimes were identified as RapiCredit, ActiCredito and Applata, according to the complaints and reports submitted by at least 66 victims,

The three detainees will also face charges for the crimes of document falsification and against health (drug trafficking), since at the time a search was carried out at the a call center located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office they found packages of marijuana and an allegedly apocryphal credential from the National Electoral Institute (INE):

The SSC explained that this day it executed a search warrant in a call center of the mentioned applications, achieving the capture of three men and a woman, including a man and a woman of Chinese nationalitypossibly related to the crimes of extortion and collection through applications.

Those now indicated were part of a company that was reported to the Cyber ​​Police for threatening and extorting users after granting them “easy” loans through the use of the applications, but at the time of collection they began to threaten and extort their users.

In all, the Cyber ​​Police received 66 fraud-related reports through the three loan applications allegedly related to this criminal cell: RapiCredit, ActiCredito and Applata.

Therefore, an investigation into this case began, until the capital police managed to identify a property used as a call-center and where calls and collection messages were made, irregularly.

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To request payment from the alleged debtors, these people “resorted to methods of intimidation, psychological aggression and threats, that ranged from constant calls and messages, to defamation on social networks, ”explained the SSSC.

With all the evidence, a Control judge granted the search warrant requested, which was carried out at an address located in the streets of the Anzures neighborhood.

in the property Two men, 29 and 19 years old, were arrested. as well as a couple of Chinese nationality of 25 and 29 years of age, respectively.

On the site, the uniformed secured four computers, vehicle billscirculation cards of different automobiles, an INE credential unrelated to the people who were there and four packages of apparent marijuana.

In August of this year, Live Aristegui interviewed Romina C, woman who is a victim of this model that extortion applications. She narrated that she learned about the “Ok credit” application through an ad on Facebook, for which she was encouraged to request a loan from 2 thousand 500 pesos. Before the credit was deposited, they requested access to his contact list and photo gallery on his cell phone, tools that the extortionists later used to increase your debt to more than 15 thousand pesoswithout any legal basis.

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