Peruvian government asks AMLO to 'stop referring to Peru' |  Video

Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otárolaasked this Wednesday the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, that “stop referring to Peru”.

The request occurred hours after the president said that the Executive of the Andean country it is “highly questioned” for “opting for repression”.

“We call for Mr. López to stop referring to the Perubecause we have achieved with a lot of effort that our country is at peace and we are not going to allow people who have no relationship with the government of Peru can manifest themselves causing incessant interference in the affairs of Peru“, said Otárola in a press conference.

In this sense, he stressed that the Foreign Ministry “has led this process” with Mexico and regretted that “a brother country” with which it has had “historical and cultural ties over many years” has reached a state that he described as ” regrettable”.

In the opinion of Otárolathat situation is due “to Mr. López” and he expressed his confidence that this situation “diminishes.”

Lopez Obrador He said today in his daily press conference that the Peruvian Executive is “highly questioned as a whole for its behavior, especially for opting for repression and not seeking a way out of the conflict in Peru through dialogue and with the democratic method of calling elections as soon as possible to avoid a situation of political instability”.

The Mexican president considered that this instability affects “fundamentally the brotherly people of Peru“.

“We know how to distinguish very well between what the people of Peru, a sister nation, and the attitude of the so-called political class, of the economic and political power groups of the Peruwho are the ones who have maintained this crisis in that country due to their personal ambitions, their economic interests”, he stressed.

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This Tuesday, the Peruvian Executive declared the Mexican ambassador persona non grata in PeruPablo Monroy, and gave him 72 hours to leave the Andean country in response to the “interference” that they consider that the Mexican “high authorities” have made.

“I report that the Government of Peru has declared the ambassador of Mexico persona non grata in PeruPablo Monroy, due to the repeated expressions of the highest authorities of that country (…) that constitute interference in our internal affairs and are in violation of the principle of non-intervention,” Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi said yesterday.

Lopez Obrador regretted that decision by the Peruvian government, but announced that it had decided “not to break relations.”

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