Aurelia, an indigenous woman raped and arrested for abortion in Guerrero, gets her freedom

The young Nahua from Guerrero Aurelia Garcia Cruceno was released after being incarcerated since 2019 at the Tuxpan Social Readaptation Center (Cereso) after being accused of kinship homicide for suffering a miscarriage.

Aurelia, originally from the Xochicalco community of the Chilapa de Álvarez municipality in Guerrero, was victim of constant rape since he was 19 years old of age by a local security agent who impregnated her.

In fear, the young woman fled her community unaware of her pregnancy until she had a miscarriage that nearly cost her her life.

And despite the fact that Aurelia García was recovering in a local hospital after suffering “hypovolemic shock” due to the large amount of blood due to the lack of blood in her organs.

While in the hospital, while she was still recovering and after having received various blood transfusions, Aurelia realized that she had been given an implant contraception without your consent.

One day after the events, police officers arrested Aurelia and handcuffed to the hospital bed where he was recovering.

And two days later, without having been released by medical personnel, the transferred to the Center for Social Reintegration of Iguala.

He received a sentence of 13 years and 4 months in prison, having been forced to accept responsibility for the crime of homicide by reason of kinship through the abbreviated procedure.

At the time of arrest and while in the process of incarceration, the young woman never had an interpreter to translate for him in his mother tongue.

The Mexican Institute of Human Rights and Democracy AC (IMDHD) decided to represent Aurelia for prove violations of due process and the lack of due diligence by the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office since she was arrested.

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Now the next step for Aurelia after spend three years unjustly imprisoned it will be to reunite with their relatives and become a teacher.

However, the young woman also will seek reparation for damages for his unjust imprisonment and her case sets a fundamental precedent for women victims of violence in the state of Guerrero.

(With information from Christian Granados)

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