Drive will leave millions of Windows 7 users without service by 2023

Starting in January of next year, the Google Drive application for computers will no longer be compatible with Windows 7, so users will be disconnected from this service.

“In January 2023, Drive for computers will no longer support Windows 7 and versions of macOS earlier than 10.15.7,” Google reported.

The company recommends that to continue receiving support and updates for Drive for computers, Windows users should update their operating system to version 8 or later before January 2023.

For macOS users, it is recommended to update to macOS 10.15.7 or later before January 2023.

Global Stats measurements indicate that the market share until November 2022 of version 7 of Windows is 10.25%, Windows 11 is 16.13%, and Windows 10 is 69.75%.

In Mexico, the share of Windows 7 is estimated at 9.45%, Windows 11 is 16.52% and Windows 10 is 69.35%.

In 2020, around 200 million Windows 7 users were estimated, but by 2021 it is estimated that they would reduce to 8.5%, with which more than 100 million users will have to update their operating system.

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