Los villanos de Marvel

A villain could star in the next Marvel Studios movie. The MCU never has. The closest thing has been Infinity War.

Marvel has dropped a bombshell and could make a movie starring a villain. According to daniel richman, the MCU is developing a Sentry solo project. The Sentry is known as a Superman-like figure in the comics who got his powers from a serum connected to the same one that created Steve Rogers’ Captain America.

Generally, when he’s remembered by the public (worldwide memory wipes occur here and there for classic convoluted comic book reasons), he’s a Marvel hero. However, has a dark side that manifests physically and is called Void. The power levels of this Void are out of the ordinary and can often be considered a threat to humanity as a whole.

In November, rumors surfaced that the MCU’s Thunderbolts would face a Sentinel antagonist in their next film, a character who is “a conflicted and powerful villain… [parecido a un] evil superman.” This would mean that the rumored project would be a direct spin-off of the great team-up of misfits of 2024.

Sentry has huge potential in the MCU

For many, Sentry is far from the first choice for contenders when it comes to landing more villain-focused projects.. If there is, in fact, a project centered on him in the works, it’s clear that Marvel has a lot of faith in his potential; that, and that it will probably be more related to the Multiverse Saga than fans might think.

But will the project focus on the character as a hero, a villain, or both? As already mentioned, Robert Reynolds has a good character and a bad oneso there’s a lot of creative freedom to create an intriguing and worthwhile story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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