There is good news for fans of the new fiction dedicated to the Addams daughter. It seems that after the success of Tim Burton’s series since its premiere (it has become the third most watched series in the history of Netflix in a very short time), they are thinking of expanding their sinister world. While we wait for the confirmation of the second season of ‘Wednesday’, now the news is breaking that the platform is considering making several ‘spin-offs’ focused on other fictional characters.

    The truth is the addams family draws a lot. The mystery that surrounds it and the personality and originality of its members gives a lot of play, so it is not surprising that Netflix wants to delve deeper into characters like Morticia Addams, Uncle Fetid or even Thing, which has become one of the public favourites.


    Rumors about a possible ‘Spin off’ of ‘Wednesday’ have been unleashed after Peter Friedlander, head of scripted series for Netflix in North America, gave an interview in vulturewhere he was asked about the possibility of expanding the universe of ‘Wednesday’. “I can’t say anything yet. But I am very optimistic about it,” said the manager, who has been working at the company for more than 10 years. What a bomb!

    Peter also reflected in the interview on the factors that have made ‘Wednesday’ in one of the most addictive series on Netflix. According to the producer, the keys to its success lie in its original and diverse cast, in the charisma of Jenna Ortega and her viral dance, in the creative direction, in Tim Burton’s label and in the incredible marketing campaign that the company has orchestrated around it. We agree with everything!

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