The number of series that premiere every week on the different platforms is a real outrage. Therefore, those who get awaken the unanimity of critics and audiences, generate conversation, raise passions, surprise and dazzle with the same firmness and position themselves as clear candidates for television fiction of the year, tremendous merit, they have a double merit. Or triple.

Best series of 2022

10 ‘Separation’

It is hard to believe that ‘Separation’, the masterpiece released this year on an increasingly essential Apple TV+ in the field of series, is a debut. Because of the overwhelming talent that it gives off in every way, yes, but also because of the depth of its story, the millimeter precision of its narration and the overwhelming number of successes that accumulate in each and every one of its episodes. But, incredible as it may seem, yes, this is his first work as a creator of a Dan Erickson that has premiered with a contemporary classic.

Dream start for a career that, from this first hit on the table, is beyond the promising, fully entering the territory of exciting certainty. A justified passion in a series that, in addition to hooking from its first and memorable bars, achieves something as extremely complicated as growing from infinity. And not go down a step until the impressive final arreĆ³n of its first season. Instant classic.

Separation in eCartelera

9 ‘Heartstopper’

Adoration at first sight. ‘Heartstopper’ is one of those series that needs just enough time and the minimum elements to conquer you completely, breaking down with tons of sweetness any kind of wall of frivolity or cynicism with which you can approach it. With marvelous performances, razor-sharp dialogues, and directing as simple as it is effective.the proposal created by Alice Oseman from her own novel is an indisputable triumph to enjoy with a smile plastered on your face.

Heartstopper at eCartelera

8 ‘The Bear’
'The Bear'

Created by Christopher Storer, ‘The Bear’ has become one of the great surprises of television in 2022. Led by a fabulous cast in which a hypnotic Jeremy Allen White stands out, these first six chapters, the second season is already confirmed, they keep you at the very edge of the sofa thanks to their admirable ability to convey the chaos, urgency and stress that surrounds the world of modern cooking.especially brilliant in a seventh episode to frame, without ever losing sight of its characters, the true engine and heart of this outstanding series.

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The Bear at eCartelera

7 ‘Wednesday’

Just for bringing back the most inspired version of Tim Burton’s 2007 masterpiece ‘Sweeney Todd: The Evil Barber of Fleet Street’, ‘Wednesday’ has absolutely earned its place on this list.

But it is that, fortunately, it is not only the director of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ who is having a great time with this television return to the universe of the Addams family, far from it. Both the writing team and its cast, led by a simply perfect Jenna Ortega, have given us a first season full of fantasy, humor, tenderness, adventures, surprises and even small details of pure terror. A real joy.

Wednesday at eCartelera

6 ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’
'Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities'

Eight episodes, eight stories and the shared sensation of being before a really special series, a proposal that is still a passionate love letter to the aforementioned genres and that works like a charm in practically all of its installments. A work of multiple personalities that is headed firmly towards the same destination: to entertain, fascinate, surprise and scare. And he gets it.

Pure television enjoyment that is devoured in a marathon format with the same taste that is enjoyed in a calm and controlled way, assuming in any case a true festival of shocks, blood, ghosts, impossible twists, memorable characters, stupendous stories and visual delights. Where do you have to sign to have a new delivery of ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’?

Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities at eCartelera

5 ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 4)
'Stranger Things' (Season 4)

Everything bad that can be said regarding his way of balancing the thousand and one open plots in this fourth season, which is a lot, is perfectly equalized in the balance with the virtues that should be applauded in what has to do with the epic and the emotion of your most memorable moments. Excessive, bombastic, irregular, overwhelming, ambitious and full of scenes to remembermost of them located in a final stretch of pure vertigo, this penultimate installment of ‘Stranger Things’ It is a clear example of the worst and the best that a series has ever had that, in any case, is already television history.

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Stranger Things at eCartelera

4 ‘The White Lotus’ (Season 2)
'The White Lotus' (Season 2)

Each one will decide whether or not it lives up to its first season, but it is clear that ‘The White Lotus’ With its return, it has managed to become one of the series of the year. A brilliant, provocative, audacious, intelligent and impressive weekly hour of television that puts all its weight on a script and a cast worthy of the standing ovation. A new batch of chapters that have gone from less to more, or from more to much more, until signing one of the best final episodes of the year. This is how the pillars that end up turning you into a classic on the small screen are established.

The White Lotus at eCartelera

3 ‘Euphoria’ (Season 2)
'Euphoria' (Season 2)

2022 began, at least in television terms, with one of the great jewels of the season. And it is that, despite the tremendous expectations generated by its first and immense season, ‘Euphoria’ he returned with the same strength, intensity, courage, imagination and emotion. Everything worked to the maximum of its possibilities in a second season that confirmed, in case there was any doubt about it, that we are facing one of the best series in recent years. And for Zendaya’s interpretation, the most outstanding virtue of Sam Levinson’s work along with his fascinating visual finish, there are no words. Well, yes, one: a miracle.

Euphoria in eCartelera

2 ‘Sandman’

Loved and hated in equal measure, the impossible mission to satisfactorily adapt Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece seems to have ended up adding more passions than disappointments. A proposal that in its irregularity, an obvious factor, punctually displayed a genius as disconcerting as it was captivating, as epic as it was imposing, as majestic as it was hypnotic. In its best episodes, not a doubt, ‘Sandman’ is television in its purest, most feverish and satisfying state.

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Sandman in eCartelera

1 ‘The House of the Dragon’
'The House of the Dragon'

Not even the most optimistic, which was not exactly the majority, could have ventured such a resounding result regarding ‘The House of the Dragon’. Improving even on the literary work on which it is based, this impressive first season has given us some of the most exciting, epic and wild television moments in recent years, recalling on many occasions the best of its illustrious predecessor (‘Game of Thrones’).

However, beyond the fury, action and spectacularity, which there have been and in high doses, what ends up placing ‘The House of the Dragon’ as the roundest series of 2022 is his ability to achieve the same level of interest and impact with his most intimate scenes, his most bleak silences, his most challenging looks and his most tense tears. It is those moments, elevated by a dazzling cast, with a special mention for an incredible Paddy Considine, which have finished raising ‘The House of the Dragon’ to the coveted television throne of 2022.

The House of the Dragon at eCartelera

When establishing the criteria by which one series is better than another, many factors are taken into account, but it is hard to imagine one more powerful than emotion. The way in which the ten proposals that make up this list have impacted, to a greater or lesser extent, with the public, each one of them in its own way and manner, vibrates from the bowels and the tear duct, the heart and fascination.

  'Stranger Things'

Whether they were premieres or the return of characters we adore, his collection of new chapters have captivated us beyond repair. From terror to fantasy, going through adolescent love, intrigue, mystery, comedy or science fictionthese ten series have left their indisputable mark in this 2022 that is coming to an end.


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