Confrontation in Zacualpan left three dead

A confrontation between presumed criminals and elements of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of the Navy and the National Guard left a balance of 3 civilians dead and 3 arrested.

The events occurred in the Puente de Los Sabinos area, municipality of Zacualpan, State of Mexico.

The detainees were identified as Víctor Manuel “N”, alias El Iguano, 23 years old; Jorge Antonio “N” of 31 years; and Luis Ángel “N”, 15 years old.

The men are associated with the criminal group the Familia Michoacana-

No information was provided about those killed.

Authorities seized a truck, six long weapons and a motorcycle.

To attend follow-up actions, 80 elements in 17 vehicles participated in a security operation to try to locate people who apparently fled injured.

One of the subjects wanted for these events is nicknamed “El Macrina”, who is offered a reward of 500,000 pesos for his alleged participation in criminal acts against federal forces.

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