Death toll in New York rises to 31 from winter storm

The New York death toll by the winter storm Elliot that has affected the United States in recent days increased to 31according to Marc Poloncarz, the highest political official in Erie County, the most affected in this state.

According to a tweet from Poloncarz, 17 people were found on the street7 died due to lack of heating, three were found in a vehicle, another three died from heart problems and one because the emergency medical service could not arrive on time.

“Very sadly, the medical examiner has confirmed another 3 deaths. The total is now 31,” Poloncarz said in the tweet, who offered a press conference on Tuesday.

There he explained that the military and state police work together to keep people away from the snow-covered roads in Buffalothe hardest-hit city in the county, where the highest number of fatalities were recorded, with 27 deaths.

This number in Buffalo could rise as cleanup efforts continue.

According to the county manager, some people are violating the driving ban in Buffalo.

The number of deaths already exceeds those that occurred during another storm in 1977, which claimed the lives of 29 people, remember the local media.

Poloncarz further noted that more than 7,000 workers are continuing their efforts to restore power to Erie homes affected by the outages caused by Elliot.

Already some Erie County highways were reopened this Tuesday and the rest are expected to do so tomorrow, according to Governor Kathy Hochul.

The east and south of the nation experienced a rise in temperatures on Tuesday as the storm abated, while another cold front reached the west coast with snow and rain, the national weather service (NWS) reported.

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However, despite the end of Elliot, the air chaos continues a few days before another holiday, New Year’s, with more than 3 thousand flights canceled this Tuesdayaccording to the portal Flight Aware.

The most affected are the users of the Southwest airline, which is responsible for 63% of cancellations and whose telephone service lines are saturated. (EFE)

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