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After 36 years, James Cameron has revealed one of his best-kept secrets: how he sold Fox on the idea of ​​making his smash hit, Aliens.

James Cameron He is once again the man of the moment in Hollywood thanks to the release of Avatar: The Sense of Water. The film is only the second installment in a saga that hopes to have at least five more parts. The filmmaker had already been working on the Pandora universe since 1989, making the production perhaps the most important of his career. However, there have been other important works in the director’s career.

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This is not the first saga in which the creative works. It is enough to remember that in 1981 he directed piranha 2in 1984 he became responsible for Terminator and in 1985 he did the same with Rambo II. After projects like the previous ones, the developer was gaining wide fame in the industry.

However, it was not until 1986 that his profile rose more and more. In that year Cameron was in charge of aliens: the return. The second tape of this franchise made him recognized as the man of the sequels. In addition, the predecessor had not convinced either the audience or the studio, so a second one was never considered.

Even so, Cameron fought to have his own feature film in the saga and sold the idea of ​​Aliens to him. 20th Century Fox. An urban legend said that the producer approached the executives and showed him the plan on a napkin. Surprisingly, James Cameron told the story of the negotiation and confirmed it.

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The history

“I had lunch with a major producer when I was about to start Aliens , who said: “This is impossible for you. If your movie is good, ridley (Scott) will take the credit. If it’s bad, it’s all yours. It’s the end of the race.” I said: “Yes, but… I like it”. Maybe I was a dumb fan, but I could see it so clearly in my head that I had to. And yes, it’s true. I was in a meeting with the head of the studio and the executive producers, and I turned the script over and on the blank side of the last page I wrote ALIEN. Then I drew an S on the end. I then drew two vertical lines across the S and held them up to show. Maybe it was just a conditioning pavlovian when they saw the $ sign closely connected to the word ‘Alien’. Or maybe it was the confidence I projected. But they said yes,” she mentioned.

Now, with The Sense of Water, the Canadian believes that he has evolved a lot and has already lost some of the interests that it embodied before in all its productions.

“I remember some movies I’ve done and I don’t know if I would like to do those kinds of movies now. I don’t know if I’d like to fetishize the gun, like I did in a couple of movies ‘Terminator’ more than 30 years ago, in our world today. What is happening with guns in our society turns my stomach,” he revealed.

With this he added that even “I am happy to live in New zealandwhere they banned all assault rifles two weeks after the horrific shooting at the mosque a couple of years ago,” Cameron added in the same conversation.

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