Deputies of Morena will withdraw spectacular #EsClaudia

Through social networks, the Morenista deputy Patricia Armendariz He assured that “freely and in full exercise” of his “political rights”, he hired billboards along with other members of his party “in support” of Sheinbaum.

In turn, the Secretary of the Foreign Relations Commission, Miguel Torruco Garza He affirmed that the announcements were placed by federal deputies since he maintained that they are “against the censorship imposed by the INE.”

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Likewise, the vice coordinator of the Morena GP in the Chamber of Deputies, Aleida Alavez Ruiz, who declared that it is “”freedom of expression and against the censorship of the INE”.


In recent days, spectacular images with backgrounds of various colors and a silhouette of a woman began to circulate on social networks. Inside it, an image of the city in which she was placed was inserted, along with the symbol of a heart at the height of her mouth and with the hashtag “#IsClaudia”.

Their presence provoked criticism among politicians and citizens, who questioned where the campaign to promote the head of government came from.

To these was added the State Steering Committee of the National Action Party (PAN) in Querétarowho filed a complaint before the Local Executive Board of the INE in the state for “anticipated campaign acts”.

INE orders Sheinbaum to distance itself from spectacular

Previously, the INE ordered Sheinbaum Pardo, that within a period not exceeding 24 hours, had to demarcate publicly from the campaign called #EsClaudia, which has been seen in the pints of fences and messages on social networks.

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Also, I should ask their supporters to refrain to carry out behaviors that seek to influence the 2023-2024 electoral process.

However, the head of government, who distanced herself from the announcements, rejected the resolution and accused the institute of demonstrating a “biased, undemocratic and conservative disposition.” The official published the message in compliance with the INE order, but she warned that she did not agree with it and that she would appeal it.

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