Improvised cable car collapses in Colombia;  4 people die |  Videos

Four people from the same family, one of them a minor, died after a collapse makeshift cable car in the municipality of Silos, Colombia, in the department of Norte de Santander, in the northeast of the country.

The victims used this means of transportation to cross the Caraba River, between the villages of Leuta and Bata, when the basket in which they were traveling fell after the breakage of one of the cables that held it and rushed into the void, local media reported.

The Silos mayor’s office confirmed through its Facebook account that the deceased were identified as Gonzalo Flórez, Graciela Villamizar, Fabián Flórez and Carlos Estrada, all belong to the same family.

The local authorities regretted the accident and sent “a hug of strength for the families, that the peace of God invade their lives so that they can cope with the pain that this great loss has left them,” they added in a message.

Improvised cable cars are a means of transportation used in rural areas of Colombia to be able to move and carry cargo where there are no roads or road infrastructure.

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According to information collected by local media, in the case of this cable car it had been built by the owner of a farm to be able to remove the load of products produced on their lands. (EFE)

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