Minister Yasmín Esquivel announces pronouncement on alleged plagiarism of thesis

Minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa announced through a message on her Twitter account that she will make a statement after the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Aragón called her to report on the case of the alleged plagiarism of her thesis.

Since last December 22, the FES-Aragón reported that it will carry out “a detailed analysis” of the accusation against Esquivel Mossa, for an alleged plagiarism of his degree thesis, which is practically identical to the one presented a year earlier by another law student.

However, Esquivel Mossa categorically denied the accusations made regarding the alleged plagiarism of his thesis and described as a “perverse campaign” that seeks to interfere in the selection process for the presidency of the Court.

The minister said it was In 1985 he began to write the thesis with which he obtained the title Law graduate, one year “before the ‘similar’ thesis prepared by the student Edgar Ulises Báez Gutiérrez”.

For the above, Esquivel Mossa filed a complaint for “the alleged plagiarism of my thesis project.”

It should be noted that due to the alleged plagiarism, various initiatives arose from Internet users who demanded through social networks the resignation as well as sanctions against Esquivel Mossa.

For example, on the platform launched two petitions demanding the resignation and sanction towards Minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa.

Under the title “Yasmín Esquivel Resignation”, the first petition was launched by the analyst José Antonio Crespo and that add more than 15 thousand signatures.

Similarly, a user identified as José Juárez launched another different petition addressed to the UNAM to sanction Minister Esquivel Mossa.

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