UNAM sees "evident" plagiarism in the Yasmín Esquivel case, but points out contradictions in evidence

The rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Graue, pointed out that the existence of plagiarism is evident, based on the high level of coincidences, between the theses of the minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa and the law student Édgar Ulises Báez Gutiérrez.

Graue Wiechers indicated in a statement that after an analysis of the documentation by the Academic and Scientific Integrity Committee of the FES Aragón, it was determined that the matches are greater than 90 percent.

“That the academic review of the contents of both theses, their publication dates, as well as the physical and digital archives of the University, They presume that the original thesis was the one supported in 1986″.

However, the rector of UNAM highlighted the existence of contradictions on the evidence presented, for which reason he affirmed that it is necessary tocollect additional information to deepen the documentary analysis and, if applicable, call the parties involved.

“That a few hours before starting its meeting, the Academic and Scientific Integrity Committee of the FES Aragón received a notarized testimony that contains a letter from the person who supported his thesis in 1986expressing that he used several references, texts and important parts of the content of the thesis published later, in 1987“.

Regarding Minister Esquivel Mossa’s public statement that her thesis was “improperly and illegally modified on December 22, 2022”, the UNAM rector indicated that it is important to make the following known:

“In the 80s, the UNAM microfilmed the theses presented. In the year 2000, the digitization of microfilmed theses began to convert them into PDF files.

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“When comparing the PDFs of the theses in question, the absence of eight pages was observed in the file of the former student’s work.

“Therefore, there was a need to retake the microfilm to scan the missing pages and complete the PDF in the TESIUNAM repository.”

He added that the foregoing is available to the experts mentioned by Minister Yasmín Esquivel.

This Saturday morning, FES Aragón published a statement in which it determined that there was a high level of coincidence between the thesis of Minister Esquivel Mossa and the one allegedly plagiarized.

The college stated that does not have the elements to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the case that allows establishing the responsibilities of the people involved.

It was determined that there is a high level of coincidence between both documentary works, however, considering that the parties involved exhibited new documentation, at this time there are not enough items to make a comprehensive assessment.

(With information from Christian Granados)


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