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    The year has just begun, and we already have the first victim of the canceled series of 2023: Netflix has announced that it will not renew ‘1899’ after its first seasonleaving all the mysteries and theories of ‘1899’ unsolved.

    The creators of ‘Dark’ and ‘1899’, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar announced the cancellation in a joint statement posted on Instagram from the last batch. “It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that 1899 will not be renewed.” While the showrunners did not clarify the reasons, the statement seems to suggest that the decision was solely Netflix’s: “We would have loved to end this incredible journey with a second and third season as we did with ‘Dark’. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. This is life. We know this will disappoint millions of fans. But we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of this wonderful adventure. We love. Never forget it”.


    Kerberos will therefore not reach the end of its journey.and consequently there will not be a season 2 of ‘1899’.

    Set aboard a massive ocean liner, the Netflix series ‘1899’ is an epic period drama setting up a thoroughly riveting mystery with an international cast immersing themselves in suspense, science fiction, fantasy and horror. Its creators raised it as an arc in three installments and the end of season 1 of ‘1899’ left us with a brutal cliffhanger. But finally all the questions of ‘1899’ have remained unanswered.

    ‘1899’ quickly became one of the best thrillers, mystery and intrigue series on Netflix, but it seems that the episodes were losing audience as the mysteries progressed, perhaps too convoluted for the general public of the series. The high cost of the program, filmed on the largest set in Europe, will also have been a weighty argument when assessing its cancellation.


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