Former CDMX officials arrested accused of espionage

The Mexico City Justice Prosecutor’s Office reported the capture of two former public servants of the Miguel Ángel Mancera administration, accused of espionage politicians, athletes and journalists.

Gustavo “N” and Arturo “N” were identified as former high-level public servants in the capital.

They will be accused of criminal association, abusive exercise of functions and violation of private communication, according to the arrest warrant against them.

Gustavo “N” served as General Coordinator of Policies, Planning Administration and organization of the then attorney general’s office; Arturo “N” was deputy director of the government area.

The investigation began with journalistic investigations that revealed the existence of an “espionage house” in the Centro neighborhood.

The detainees allegedly participated in wiretapping, wiretapping and phone messages, following politicians, athletes and journalists, said Ulises Lara, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

For these events there are already six detainees.

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