Morena denounces billboard campaign in favor of Alejandra del Moral

The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) filed a complaint with the electoral authority for the more than 300 billboards with the image of Alejandra del Moral in the State of Mexico.

Mario Delgado, president of the party, said that they are 300 billboards and 200 outdoor advertisements by public transport.

The ad shows Del Moral, who is the PRI standard-bearer to seek the gubernatorial candidacy.

Morena affirms that this campaign has a value greater than 30 million pesoswhich is the established pre-campaign ceiling.

They demand the National Electoral Institute to act immediately, withdrawing all the advertisements and billboards.

In addition, as a sanction, they ask that the expense be recorded as pre-campaign, “therefore, Alejandra del Moral would not have resources for her pre-campaign.”

The morenista said that the cover that is promoted in this campaign is not part of the editorial proposal of Mundo Ejecutivo.

He assured that it is a “cheating campaign to position the PRI pre-candidate in advance:

…if you go to the Mundo Ejecutivo website, there is no trace of the famous cover that is on all the billboards.

Therefore, it is clear that it is a simulation of a tricky campaign to position the PRI candidate in advance.

We want to live in a true democracy that the simulation of electoral fraud ends, we demand that the authorities act immediately, we want the people of the state of Mexico to decide freely and we know that the people have already decided for a change, thank you very much.

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