'The Last of Us'

2023 starts strong with the arrival on January 16 of one of the most anticipated series of the year. The PlayStation video game ‘The Last of Us’, whose franchise has sold more than 37 million units since it began ten years ago, becomes an ambitious series for HBO at the hands of the game’s own author, Neil Druckmann, and the creator of the great ‘Chernobyl’, Craig Mazin.

The two showrunners have not stopped ensuring that They have worked to make the best adaptation possible of a story that has achieved a very strong connection with the players. But they have also warned that they have had to make changes because, after all, a video game and a series are very different formats.

But there is an episode, according to the hollywood reporterwhich will be a much greater deviation from the video game than the others. This is the third chapter of the series (which will consist of nine episodes and will cover the events of the first video game). They describe it as a chapter that “involves one of the game’s fan-favorite characters”: Bill, who in the series will be played by Nick Offerman. The Hollywood Reporter claims it includes sweeping changes to the game’s story that will shock and perhaps challenge fans.

One of the greatest hours of television ever written?

That episode may be what Murray Bartlett, who plays Bill’s partner Frank, was referring to when he said in a interview past that one of the scripts “it was one of the best hours of television I have ever read” and described it as “preciously written”. In the video game we practically don’t see Frank at all, so it is very likely that some of those changes have to do with this character.

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To see that third chapter we will have to wait until Monday, January 30. The first episode of ‘The Last of Us’ will arrive in Spain on Monday, January 16 from the hand of HBO Max.


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