The Kings of the world

Although time has generated a surprising stream of negative opinions about it, as if suddenly millions of viewers had come together to throw away each and every one of its immense virtues, ‘Titanic’ remains Hollywood’s most classic and glorious last great tragic romance. We get old and we can already say that movies like this are no longer made.

10 unforgettable scenes from ‘Titanic’

one The Kings of the world

If we had already been moved the first time Leonardo DiCaprio shouted that “I am the king of the world!”, conquering the public and the Titanic with the same forcefulness, imagine the amount of chills that ran through our bodies when Kate Winslet joined the the equation to feel like I was flying before infinity. A beautiful image to which James Cameron knew how to contribute a visual poetry that has ended up turning it into film history in all fairness.

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2 the stairs
the stairs

That first date. That DiCaprio look when he finds Kate Winslet in the crowd. The complicit smile that is born between them. Those nerves in the stomach that do not need to be verbalized so that we know they are there. And, of course, that last scene in which they return to those same stairs to close an unbeatable film with a flourish.

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4 The painting
The painting

“Paint me like one of your French girls”.

The rest, as with almost everything in ‘Titanic’, is already the history of the seventh art.

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5 Car

For James Cameron to be the person behind the camera, the sex scene in ‘Titanic’ exudes surprising elegance, romanticism and delicacy. Of course, without losing the passion, of course, sensation that is captured brilliantly in that hand that emerges from the back seat of a car to crash into the glass. Another great movie moment.

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6 The Titanic Orchestra
The Titanic Orchestra

A group of musicians determined to play every last note as their world collapses around them. The commitment to art and the ability of music to calm terror, excite in the midst of chaos and isolate the most painful noise. There is something epic in this wonderful scene. And of poetry. And beauty without an expiration date.

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7 The spectacularity of the disaster
The spectacularity of the disaster

Despite the fact that the first half gives us the opportunity to fully enjoy James Cameron, the way in which the filmmaker displays his talent from the moment the Titanic collides with the iceberg is simply amazing. An absolute handling of cinematographic language and rhythm within the framework of the drama and catastrophe that it reaches one of its many climaxes at the instant when the ship breaks in half and tilts in an astonishing way: Cameron at his full potential.

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9 The boats
The boats

But of course Rose jumps off the boat meant to save her life to try to survive with Jack. And of course we’re still clapping decades later and despite knowing it by heart in that moment of pure emotion.

Special mention for the absolutely incredible shot that James Cameron pulls out of his sleeve with Leonardo DiCaprio watching Kate Winslet leave while the emergency lights explode in the background.

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10 The board
The board

What am I going to tell you that you don’t already know? James Cameron could have recreated the ocean the Titanic sank in tears in theaters around the world thanks to this scene. By the way, if you ask me: of course they both fit on the table. I don’t have a doubt.

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James Cameron started from a basic script, as devoid of surprises as it was abundant in effectiveness, to build a film that is dazzling in its excess, traditional in its romanticism, capable of generating unforgettable scenes with astonishing ease. His direction, the most inspired of his entire career, captivated in its intimate details and dazzled in a big way in a final section that is cinema with a capital letter.


A fabulous Leonardo DiCaprio and a superb Kate Winslet became one of the movie couples of the century, with a chemistry that still continues to arouse general sighs, causing us all to suffer with and for them from the very moment that damned iceberg changed it. everything. Definitely, To talk about ‘Titanic’ is to make it an absolutely unforgettable cinematographic experience.

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