eddie redmayne as newt scamander in fantastic beasts 2

    ‘Fantastic Beasts’ actor Eddie Redmayne has revealed his most embarrassing moment on set: the mating dance of the Erumpent from the first film spin off.

    In a new article from Vogue, various performers talk about their experience in the industry and chat about some memorable moments from their careers. Redmayne, who stars in ‘The Angel of Death’, one of the latest Netflix movies, shared the most embarrassing situation of his time on the set.

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    In ‘Fantastic Beasts’, doing the Erumpent mating dance. It was humiliating in many ways, but I managed to rip my pants off. My ass was left in full view of the whole world, on a night shoot in the middle of Watford,Redmayne commented.

    The actor gives life to Newt Scamander in ‘Fantastic Animals’ (Will there be a fourth film or is the saga dead?). Inside the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’, Newt is a famed zoologist who travels the world documenting magical creatures.

    In the first movie, Newt meets one of these animals, known as the Erumpent, in New York. Intent on calming him down, Newt performs the mating dance on him (Redmayne had to rehearse and learn it in real life, of course).

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    These movies are packed with magical fiction. Nevertheless, Redmayne rose and won the Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’. He also gets into the skin of another real person — serial killer Charles Cullen — in ‘The Grim Reaper.’

    Redmayne spoke with Digital Spy on this paper at the end of last year.

    What I like about playing real people is that you have a place to start from. Do you have the title of the essay?. You know where you are and certain technical aspects that you have to follow. You know where to go to begin your search and preparation,” Redmayne said.

    “When you play imaginary people, you have to create all of that yourself.

    ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and all the movies in the ‘Harry Potter’ Universe are available on HBO Max.


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