Eminem and 50 Cent prepare a series of '8 miles'

    50 Cent has revealed that he and Eminem are in the process of adapting 8 miles, the white rapper’s semi-autobiographical film, to television. The singer, one of five hiphop giants to appear at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, played the lead in the 2002 film as a young Caucasian man from Detroit determined to rise to the top of rap. . Now, Eminem and his great friend 50 Cent are preparing the transformation of that blockbuster (and, surely, of his great songs) into a series.

    “We are underway,” 50 Cent has told about the project in an interview with fellow rapper Big Boy. “It’s going to be big.” Eminem’s real name is Marshal Mathers; however, the story of Jimmy Smith, the aspiring MC of 8 miles, has been globally accepted as a kind of epic review of his own early steps in hiphop. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson, also featured in its cast Kim Basinger, Michael Shannon, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy and Anthony Mackie, the Marvel star. The commercial success of 8 miles It was almost instantaneous and his most famous song, lose yourselfis one of the favorite movie songs on Spotify.

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    According to Fifty, it didn’t take much to convince Eminem to turn the movie into a TV series. He is convinced that the story of the rapper, who slipped into our list of the best albums of the 21st century with his album The Marshall Mathers LP, it must be recounted for the new generations: “I think it should stay there, for his legacy. It’s important to me that people understand it.”

    The series is, according to 50 Cent, “a modern version” of what we saw in Hanson’s film. The project takes inspiration from bel airthe 2022 series that recovered the story of The prince of Bel Air in a dramatic key, replacing Will Smith’s comedic charisma with a cruder portrayal of the black experience, violence in the streets and class divisions. The episodic version of 8 miles will also come after Wu-Tang: An American Sagathe 2019 fiction about the Wu-Tang Clan collective, a group of twenty-something ex-dealers turned geniuses of the marketing hiphopero, which in Spain could also be seen last year through Disney +.

    In addition to the change in tone, the series of 8 miles will be more exhaustive. According to 50 Cent, there are many details of Eminem’s story that were left to be told in the film and that, for obvious reasons, would fit into a fiction that would presumably last several hours. “I want to be able to give a lot more details: things that are said in interviews, things that have already been said… Those things will be told through the characters,” says the rapper. At the moment, there is no estimated date for the premiere of this version in the form of a series of 8 milesbut it seems that the Shelter will reopen its doors for a new battle of roosters.


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